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The growth in skin care and anti-aging products has been nothing short of extraordinary. People are continuously searching for that elusive elixir of a youthful appearance. Our products represent more than a decade of research in botanical biotechnology including a 24 month collaboration with world-class Texas A&M University creating a Horticultural Science pedigree for the exotic Rain Forest Plant, Hamelia patens.  The unique botanical plant extract possesses tremendous skin nourishing properties. USPTO issued a specific usage patent in 2014 for Hamelia patens’  botanical methodology in the area of chronic UV skin damage. CelSana® now takes advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to proudly present a new generation of cosmeceutical skin care products.

Our Products

Celsana® strives to bring you the most unique products for the care of your skin. From nature, through science and into reality.  Our team of doctors, scientists, formulators and clinicians, led by Don Wayne Berry, M.D., retired Texas heart surgeon, will continually innovate on your behalf using our exotic botanical rainforest plant extract Cupio-Rase®.


CelSana® is founded by innovators and leaders, each experienced specialists in the botanical sciences and professional leadership in executive management with a proven record of success. Our products fuel our direction and our independent consultants carry our message with pride. We are unrelenting in our devotion to your success, unrelenting in our dedication to be a truly product driven company. Our passion is in our products. CelSana® is best described as a “product-driven company.”